Exciting non-stop! Dimension Technology's heavyweight new product debuts at booth 10A35 of the Light Expo, inviting you to meet and stay!


Dimension Technology
Professional optical communication testing solution provider
The 24th China International Optoelectronics Expo (CIOE)
September 6-8
Hall 10, booth 10A35


On September 6th, the CIOE 2023 China International Optoelectronics Expo (referred to as the Expo) grandly opened in Shenzhen, with Dimension Technology bringing new tunable light sources; Wavelength scanning systems, spot analyzers, 800G optical module testing systems, engineering operation and maintenance series and other products and solutions have made significant appearances, bringing a variety of professional testing products, solutions, and customized solutions to the optoelectronic industry.


(Dimension Technology Booth: 10A35)

main products

Highlight 1: Tunable light source; Wavelength scanning system
Dimensionality Technology Tunable Light Source; The wavelength scanning system has received widespread attention from customers at the exhibition, featuring high wavelength accuracy, fast scanning speed, high output power stability, and no mode hopping across the entire wavelength range. The product has high integration, compact size, flexible operation, and can be matched with the high-speed power meter and polarization controller of Dimension Technology to meet all testing requirements of wavelength division multiplexing devices.
Main advantages: wavelength accuracy ± 20pm; Scanning speed of 100nm/s; High signal-to-noise ratio and edge mode suppression ratio.


(TopLight Tunable Light Source&Wavelength Scanning System)

Highlight 2: Beamhere spot analyzer
Dimensional Technology Beamhere Spot Analyzer quantifies the evaluation of laser spot and can output test reports with just one click, accurately and efficiently completing spot analysis. The software interface is clear, concise, and easy to operate, distinguished by different applicable bands, together forming a product series that covers a wide range of spectral testing requirements.


(Beamhere spot analyzer)

Highlight three: 800G optical module testing system
Dimensionality Technology's 800G comprehensive solution includes oscilloscopes, error rate analyzers, optical attenuators, optical switches, power meters, CDRs, and data analysis software, compatible with various optical module interfaces, a complete automation management system, remote control, and meeting user testing needs.


(800G optical module testing system)

Highlight 4: Engineering Operation and Maintenance Series
The construction and maintenance plan for dimension technology fiber optic links covers a full range of products, including OTDR optical time-domain reflectors, optical probes, handheld end face detectors, efficient cleaning tools, on-site fiber optic quick connectors, etc. With intuitive and convenient judgment and analysis, we help you build an efficient, stable, and reliable fiber optic link system.


(Engineering Operation and Maintenance Series)

Highlight 5: Full series of insertion and return loss testers
The full range of insertion and return losses of Dimension Technology basically covers all testing needs, meeting the testing needs of single core, dual core, multi-core optical fibers, and single and multi-mode. It has the characteristics of fast testing speed, wide measurement range, and high testing accuracy. At this exhibition, products and solutions such as multi-channel polarity insertion loss tester and environmental reliability testing system have been launched with great attention!

(All series of insertion and return loss instruments)

More exciting

The exhibition booth also brought dimension technology fiber optic end face visual inspection series: MPO cleaning and inspection series, single core cleaning and inspection series, attracting many new and old customers and industry professionals to have a deep understanding and negotiate cooperation on site.

Since its establishment in 2007, Dimension Technology has adhered to the concept of "imagination, action, innovation, and leadership" and has developed into a leading global optical communication testing solution provider. It provides first-class optical device testing and fiber end face detection solutions and equipment to global customers, establishes a global marketing and service support network, and has provided nearly a hundred types of optical detection equipment to more than 5000 customers worldwide.
At this exhibition, the new products showcased by Dimension Technology have received enthusiastic attention from customers and friends. Dimension Technology will continue to innovate and specialize in research, bringing more and higher quality products and services to users.

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