Tunable Light Source Tunable Light Source

C+L (1525-1630nm) tunable light source

Ultra-high wavelength accuracy, repeatability and stability, stable output power

Wavelength accuracy ± 20pm
Scanning speed up to 100nm/s
High signal-to-noise ratio
Wide wavelength tunable range
C+L band or O band option

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Product Details


Product Description

TopLight tunable laser source is the first product of this series developed by Dimension Technology integrating sixteen years of professional experience in the field of optical testing. It has the characteristics of high wavelength accuracy, fast scanning speed, high output power stability, and no mode hopping in the entire wavelength band. The product is highly integrated, compact in size, and flexible in control. It is equipped with high-speed power meter and bias meter from Dimension Technology.

Main advantages

Wavelength accuracy ± 20pm
Scanning speed up to 100nm/s
High signal-to-noise ratio
Wide wavelength tunable range
C+L band or O band option

Main Applications

WDM scanning test
Optical characterization of components and modules
Wavelength dependence test
Specific wavelength output

Ultra-high wavelength accuracy, repeatability and stability, stable output power

TopLight's tunable laser source ensures that the wavelength accuracy of the light source can reach ±20pm through precise electromechanical control. The repeatability and stability of the wavelength remain reliable even during high-speed scanning.

In different test environments, TopLight can also compensate for environmental changes to ensure stable and reliable wavelength accuracy.


The output power of the light source is strictly fitted to the wavelength correlation to ensure that the flatness of the power curve is higher than 0.2dB/nm, reducing the error caused by power to the test system.

High output spectrum signal-to-noise ratio and side mode suppression ratio

TopLight uses the principle of external activity response to tune the wavelength, and through precision optical and electrical control systems, guarantees that the narrow linewidth laser output from the resonant activity always has good signal to noise ratio and edge mode compression ratio, in order to achieve rigorous control

The wavelength scanning system provides Excel testing environment and conditions


Realize uniform and no mode hopping across the entire wavelength range, ensuring continuous wavelength curves

The integration capability of opto electromechanical computing in Dimension Technology provides reliable assurance for the mode control of tunable light sources Through precision control and algorithms, TopLight can ensure ultra high scanning speed and wavelength accuracy before

Please confirm that the last always outputs the dominant wavelength of the main mode, and the test can be completed without the need for wavelength calibration components during scanning&Nbsp;


Implementing Optical Device Scanning Testing with a Wavelength Scanning System


The wavelength scanning system independently developed by Dimension Technology is equipped with TopLight tunable light source and high speed power meter, with a wavelength accuracy of ± 5pm and a fast scanning speed of 100nm/s, providing a solution for wavelength related devices

Efficient and accurate testing solutions Based on years of design experience, Dimension Technology provides system software with good human machine interaction, allowing users to easily and clearly complete wavelet scanning tests with just a few steps

Click the button to obtain a detailed test report Furthermore, due to the platform+modular design architecture, the equipment of Dimension Technology has extremely high flexibility when demand changes occur, and can be upgraded by simply adding, reducing, or replacing modules

The new testing environment has saved users a lot of time and economic costs


Multiple selectable wavelength ranges, covering various device application scenarios


Performance Parameter

CategoryParameterTLS Tunable Light Source
Wavelength characteristicsWavelength tunable range1260nm~1360nm/1525nm~1630nm
Wavelength resolution0.1pm
Wavelength Stability± 5pm
Wavelength accuracyAbsolute accuracy± 20pm
Absolute accuracyStepwise scanningSoil 10pm
Repeatability± 5pm
Absolute accuracyContinuous scanning @ 100nm/s± 20pm
Repeatability± 10pm
Maximum scanning speed200nm/s
Output power characteristicsOutput powerPeak value+13dBm
≫ 10dBm range1260nm-1360nm/1525nm-1630nm
Full wavelength tuning range+13-15dBm
StabilitySoil 0.01dB
RepeatabilityStepwise scanning± 0.01dB
FlatnessSoil 0.2dB
RepeatabilityContinuous scanning @ 100nm/s± 0.01dB
FlatnessSoil 0.2dB
Relative intensity noise (RIN) (typical value)145dB/Hz (1MHz to 3 GHz)
Spectral characteristicsLine width200KHz

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