800G Optical Module Testing Solution: Meeting the High-Speed Optical Communication Needs!


As artificial intelligence technology rapidly advances, a new era with unprecedented computational power is emerging. The exponential growth of computational centers, fueled by this technological progress, is driving a revolution. In this context, the demand for 800G and 1.6T optical modules has surged exponentially, bringing high-speed transmission and bandwidth to data centers, supporting faster and more efficient computation.

Drawing upon 16 years of experience in optical communication testing, Dimension Technology provides comprehensive support for the development, manufacturing, and testing of 800G active optical modules. This includes signal testing with multiple interfaces and protocols, module light emission and reception testing, optical performance testing, and port testing and cleaning solutions.

Protocol and Signal Testing

As data center bandwidth requirements rapidly increase, the optical communication industry is actively developing higher-speed transmission standards. The 800G standard is a significant milestone, based on multiple parallel transmission channels, each at 200Gbps or using an 8x100G scheme to achieve a total bandwidth of 800Gbps.


Dimension Technology offers a high-speed optical module testing platform supporting multiple interfaces and protocols, facilitating data transmission and error rate testing. Compatibility testing in different traffic scenarios is also possible based on various data center architectures.

Light Emission and Reception Testing:

In the realm of high-speed communication, optical modules play a crucial role in data transmission.

The performance of these modules directly affects the stability and data transfer rate of the entire system. Testing the emission and reception of light is a key step to ensure the module works stably and meets predetermined technical specifications.


Dimension Technology's modular testing equipment, with a platform-based architecture, supports sensitivity, output power, eye diagram, and various other tests, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for the rapid deployment of 800G optical module production lines.


Optical Performance Testing

The reliability of the optical performance of module ports is a crucial factor to consider. Dimension Technology introduces a new wavelength scan return loss test system that helps users test the return loss of various interfaces such as LR4 and SR4, allowing better product inspection. The system, combined with a tunable light source, assists in testing the output power and loss of devices across the entire transmission band.


Port Cleaning and Inspection:

To adapt to the changes of the times and industry challenges, DIMENSION offers a comprehensive series of automatic cleaning and inspection solutions for active devices. These solutions provide high efficiency, low cost, high reliability, and competitive advantages. The fully automatic cleaning and inspection system is an intelligent system integrating automatic loading and unloading, automatic cleaning, and automatic detection. It boasts high efficiency, reliability, and a leading automatic detection capability with patented automatic cleaning technology, making maintenance simple.

Main Advantages:

Fully automatic cleaning and inspection
High return rate, stable performance
Cleaning success rate >98%
Accuracy of defect detection ≥99.5%
Production efficiency ≤20s


For the automation of cleaning and inspection of 800G high-speed modules, Dimension integrates the SmartCheck series intelligent fully automatic endface inspector. It provides one-click automatic centering, auto-focusing, automatic analysis of stored data reports and images, and intelligent digitized quality control of endface quality.


The Offsoon Pro series fiber endface cleaning machine uses a liquid + gas cleaning principle for non-contact cleaning and protecting endfaces, achieving a single cleaning efficiency of up to 98%.


For the automation of cleaning and inspection of low-speed modules, Dimension integrates the FastCheck series intelligent fully automatic endface inspector, offering one-click automatic centering, auto-focusing, automatic analysis of stored data reports and images, and intelligent digitized quality control of endface quality.