On-site fiber endface inspection



Optical fiber endface stains have an impact on the coupling of the connector, resulting in optical characteristics of high insertion loss and return loss when the fiber is connected, and even causing equipment failure and damage. Therefore, the endface inspection is particularly important and professional inspection tools are needed. Dimension on-site fiber endface inspection solution can improve the efficiency of technician's inspection and cleaning, equip your team with professional inspection tools, can enable technicians to properly and effectively install, certify, and maintain optical networks, to quickly find the root cause of the problem based on the standard test process.



According to the inspection requirements of different application sites, Dimension develops a number of portable endface inspection devices and dozens of adaptor interfaces for different types of inspection device. The method of optical fiber magnifying glass is adopted to inspect the fiber endface, and the inspection results are analyzed based on the special software developed according to IEC standards, so as to determine whether the inspection results meet the standard requirements in real time.



Integrated portable humanized design, rich adaptor interface selection, intelligent inspection, a variety of data transmission and results display view.