Programmable Optical Attenuator

Programmable Optical Attenuator

High accuracy, wide attenuation range (>50dB)

Low IL(<1dB), excellent transition speed slew rate(25dB/s)

High repeatability and Linearity

Programmable, API interface, remote control available

Support 1~4 four channels attenuation

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 Optical Attenuator

High-precision programmable attenuators are key components to ensure smooth operation of optical communication and optical device testing system. Dimension's POA programmable tunable attenuator, can provide high-accuracy optical path attenuation for multiple channels at the same time, flexible at programming automatic or random attenuation values. It's high attenuation accuracy, wide wavelength range, large attenuation range, fast slew rate conversion speed, excellent performance such as high repeatability /linearity, and excellent ease of use, provide an ideal solution for research institutions and high standard manufacturing enterprises.


Main Features

• High accuracy, wide attenuation range (>50dB)

• Low IL(<1dB), excellent transition speed slew rate(25dB/s)

• High repeatability and Linearity

• Programmable, API interface, remote control available

• Support 1~4 four channels attenuation, can OFFSET automatic compensation

• Support full wavelength attenuation, support singlemode/multimode

• Platform + module design, scalable, easy to use

• Optical shutter function, support cascading applications

Main Applications

• Optical module BER test

• Optical active device testing system

• Optical passive device testing system

• Optical network testing

• Research institutions and laboratory application

• Instrument calibration or loss simulation

Fully programmable solution, Support Ethernet connection

The POA attenuator could be connected via the network or USB interface, parameters on it could be easily checked. The device attenuation value could be automatically or randomly set by the open API interface programming. By adopting Dimension's universal test platform, one can build an automated test and production environment by integrate light sources, optical power meters, optical switches and other test modules,it’s especially suitable automated production lines and other automated test systems.


High integration, high attenuation accuracy, wide attenuation range, and support for cascading function

POA series provide 1.00dB~50dB wide range attenuation, supporting four channels simultaneous attenuation, two-channel cascade the attenuation can higher than 100 dB, minimum attenuation is only 0.01dB. The attenuation range and attenuation accuracy can meet most research institutions and manufacturing requirements.

Wide wavelength range, support arbitrary wavelength attenuation

Support arbitrary wavelength input among singlemode 1250nm~1650nm,multimode 830nm~1350nm. The device has been calibrated for attenuation under different wavelengths, any wavelength among above ranges is verified with accurate attenuation.


Various control modes

Dimension POA series attenuators, support decrement, increment and automatic programming control of fixed attenuation values and time delays, to meet different needs of users. The equipments adopt safe and reliable industrial design for 24/7 operation, not need any additional manual maintenance, it’s an ideal equipment for automatic rapid testing systems.


Platform + module design, high scalability

Dimension's universal optical test platform provides a whole set optical test solution, it includes a dual-slot ALPHA test platform and an 11-slot OMEGA test platform, which is compatible with a wide range of functional test modules such as POA dimmable attenuation. This product featured with hot swappable, programmable,and scalable, easy to maintain&manage, with low overall cost. Customers can integrate and expand different functional modules in following-up, such as optical switches, stable light sources, IR/IL testers, BER testers, and high-speed optical power meters, to achieve one-stop test for optical devices and other products’ various performances.




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Model:POA1409A-FA 4CH FOA SM 9/125 No built-in Power Meter Connector:FC/APC

[1] Test wavelength:1310 nm/1550 nm for single-mode,850 nm/1300 nm for multimode.

[2] Excluding connectors.