Programmable Fibre Polarity Tester

Programmable Fibre Polarity Tester

 Programmable Polarity Tester

 Intelligent Self-learning Sample Polarity

Real Time Testing Result

Compatible with SM and MM Fiber

 2~242~322~72 Channels

 Platform/Modular Design

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Programmable Fibre Polarity Tester

Fiber Polarity Tester(FPT) is a programmable fiber polarity testing instrument. Quickly and accurately, FPT can measure the polarity for up to 72 channels passive fiber optical components. With modular design, Dimension FPT is flexible and extendable. Polarity channel account and mapping are configurable. The polarity mapping can also be acquired from existing samples.

Main Features

• Programmable Polarity Tester

• Intelligent Self-learning Sample Polarity

• Real Time Testing Result

• Compatible with SM and MM Fiber

• 2~242~322~72 Channels

• Platform/Modular Design

• No Physical Contact

• Vertical/Horizontal Working

• 20dB Dynamic Range

• 3.5” Touch Screen


Main Applications

• Polarity Testing for MPO and MTP

• Polarity Testing for Multi-Channel Optical Components

• Polarity Testing for Fiber Optical Modules



Programmable Polarity Testing Mapping

Customer can edit the polarity testing mapping conveniently. Based on the features

of the products to be tested, customer can edit the specific polarity mapping and save it for

future testing.


Intelligent Sample Learning Function

FPT can acquire the mapping setting from the existing product directly, then generates the same

mapping configuration as the sample.


Real Time Testing Result

It costs only 50ms for FPT to complete whole testing and result displaying. No action is needed

to trigger the testing.


Compatible with SM and MM fiber

FPT is compatible with Single mode fibers, applicable for various applications


2~24, 2~32, 2~72 Mapping

FPT offers three individual modules to measure 2~24, 2~32 ,2-72channels.


Platform and Modular Design

Replace different modules for different testing functions.


No Physical Contac

Protect FPT and testing devices from damage. Applicable for UPC and APC connector.


Support Vertical and Horizontal Working

Customer can place the FPT vertically or horizontally, based on the available space and working habit.


20dB Dynamic Range

FPT has 20dB dynamic power range. It's capable for high attenuation testing.

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