Nano care 2 white light interference --Non-contact 3D surface profiler

Nano care 2 white light interference --Non-contact 3D surface profiler

High stability measurement: non-contact measurement;

High-precision measurement: resolution :0.4um;

Large area measurement: automatic stitching technology;

Unique special light source mode;

Wide coverage of measurement parameters;

Complete software functions;

Wide scope of application;

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Nano care 2 Optical 3D Surface profilometer is an ideal instrument for sub-Nanometer measurement of various precision parts. Based on the principle of white light interference technology, combined with precision Z-direction scanning module and 3D modeling algorithm, it con tactlessly scans the surface of the object then establish a 3D image for the surface. A serial of 2D, 3D parameters  reflecting surface quality of the object are obtained after  software processes and analyzes the 3D image.

Nano care 2 is a user-friendly precision optical instrument with powerful analysis functions for all kinds of surface form & roughness parameters. With unique light source it could measure various precision parts with both smooth and rough surface.


Main Features

• High stability measurement: non-contact, high stability and high speed measurement using optical interference technology;

• High-precision measurement: optical resolution : 0.4um;

• Large-area measurement: automatic stitching technology realizes large-area high-precision measurement;

• Unique special light source mode: it can be widely used for measuring the surface of various precision devices from smooth to rough

• The measurement parameters cover a wide range: the flatness, roughness, waviness, surface profile, surface defects, wear, corrosion,

  pore gap, step height, bending deformation of the surface of various products, components and materials. Measure and analyze

  surface topography features such as processing conditions;

• Complete software functions: integrated measurement and analysis software, automatic multi-area measurement function, batch

   measurement, automatic focus, automatic brightness adjustment, etc.;

• Wide application range: measure the surface microstructure of various types of samples;

• Excellent cost performance: maintenance-free , excellent performance-price ratio.

Main Applications

It is used for measurement and analysis of surface roughness and profile of precision components from industries of semi-conductor, 3C Electronics, ultraprecise machining, optical machining, 

micro-nano materials, micro-electro-mechanical system.

• Optical device surface, optical processing

• Semiconductor manufacturing and packaging process inspection

• Ultra-precision processing industries such as MEMS devices

• 3C electronic glass screen and its precision accessories

• Micro-nano materials and manufacturing

• Aerospace, defense and industry, scientific research institutes

• Measure the roughness, flatness, micro-geometric profile, curvature, etc. of all kinds of objects ranging from super smooth to rough, from low reflectivity to high reflectivity, from nanometer to micrometer level workpieces, and provide according to ISO/ASME/EUR /GBT's four major domestic and foreign standards total more than 300 kinds of 2D and 3D parameters as evaluation criteria.


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