MPO Patchcord manufacturing and testing


With the wide application of MPO multi-fiber patchcord/connectors in the world, MPO fiber end face inspection is facing many challenges. High demand, high speed and stable data transmission, lower bit error rate and high yield requirements make MPO fiber endface inspection and cleaning more and more important.




3D morphology detection

High image resolution

Wider field of view, compatible with MT16 detection

Unique frame mounting fixture for MT ferrule, compatible with 2~72 fiber cores' detection

Quick switch between 0°~8° fixtures 8°

Software UI concise and clear, easy and useful


Fiber endface inspection

Automatic inspection

5s inspection for MT12

One fixture compatible with PC and APC connector

Support multiple fiber endfaces inspection

Automatically generate data and reports


Fiber endface cleaning

Cleaning efficiency up to 98%

External hydraulic and gas pressure regulator

Hydraulic and gas pressure value external and visible

Gas pressure tolerance increased to 1MPa

Reduce equipment failure maintenance rate


Fiber polarity testing

Programmable, intelligent self-learning sample polarity

Compatible with SM&MM,PC&APC

No physical contact, support 2~72 channel detection

Vertical/Horizontal Working

Platform+modular design


Optical performance testing

Multi-core IRL time sharing synchronous test

RL mandrel-free test, minimum detectable down to -75dB

RL dual wavelength test speed less than 1s(single fiber)

Platform+modular design