DWDM passive device testing solutions


DWDMDense Wavelength Division Multiplexing: Usually, Specifies the wavelengths used in C+L band are from 1525 nm to 1625 nm, with a channel spacing of 50GHz(0.4nm)100GHz(0.8nm), and multiplexed wavelength number: 40λ, 80λ, 96λ etc. DWDM passive modules


DWDM passive device manufacturing process



In the field of DWDM optical passive device production, expensive test instruments account for a large part of the test cost, in which ITU laser source(C+L Band tunable), high speed optical power meter(HOPM) is the most expensive part of the instrument, make full use of these instrument, multi-station shared resources is the main method to effectively reduce the total test cost.

Fiber core spacing inspection ParameterD


G-lens dimming


DWDM device reflection port(R port) test

Collimation+ reflection port(R port) test


DWDM device passage port(P port) test

Collimation+ passage port(P port) test


DWDM device H/T,L/T Test, Highbake Test, Product Test diagram


DWDM device performance testPDL testoptional

PDL test --light sourcePolarization controllerOPM(polarization insensitive)



Automated test system adopts computer server, time-sharing sharing mode, via USB or network communications, software control , multiple computers and instruments are organically combined to realize the control and sharing of ITU laser source(C+L Band tunable) and high  speed power meter(HOPM) etc. at multiple test stations, thus breaking through the limitations of traditional desktop instruments, achieving the purpose of sharing expensive resources and reducing test costs.