Dimension to be launching new products during FOE 2018

Release Date: 2018.04.02


The world's leading optical communication visual inspection equipment manufacturer - Dimension Technology is active in all the major exhibitions in the optical communications industry. Following the popularity in OFC2018, Dimension Technology will show its new products in the 2018 Japan Tokyo optical communication technology exhibition (FOE2018) on 4-6 April.

Dimension Technology will attend FOE2018 with all the high quality products, including the families of optical fiber end face inspector, optical fiber end face interferometer, concentricity tester and cleaning system. The new released wireless probe EasygetWiFi and wireless intelligent probe AutogetWiFi will also be demonstrated in FOE2018 to show how simple and flexible the fibre end face inspection in data-center and network could be. Welcome to visit Dimensional Technology booth at W12-45,  Tokyo Big Sight.

Dimension Technology not only has been recognized by its wireless visual inspectors in the market, but the whole series of interferometers have reached or exceeded the international similar equipment both in hardware and software. High quality products provide strong support for the global competition of Dimension Technology.


For more detailed information, Dimension Technology welcomes new and old friends in the industry to visit the latest products in FOE2018, and to communicate on site with the sales commissioner. More about the on site communication of Dimension Technology in FOE 2018, please mail to sales@weidujs.com.