Dimension: Missing OFC, The feast of optical communication inspection not to be missed

Release Date: 2020.03.09

The Optical communication industry event OFC 2020 will be held as scheduled, A sudden outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus blocked our on-site display and communication. With the first consideration of protecting the safety and health of employees, customers and partners, Dimension Technology decided to cancel its participation in OFC 2020. Missed OFC 2020, but the wonderful display of Dimensional Technology will not be absent. We made careful preparations in the early stage. We originally planned to prepare a wonderful "optical communication inspection feast" for global customers on OFC2020. We will pass newsletter, Dimension website Various ways including online classrooms, etc., show the company's latest solutions, products and related market activities to global customers, and ensure that normal supply, consulting and technical support are provided to global customers. Wonderful display of Dimension Technology includes the following 6 series (will be shown in detail in the form of special topics.

01/ Newly launched universal optical test platform and series of test modules

The universal optical test platform independently developed by Dimension Technology provides a complete set of optical device performance test solutions, including a 2-slot ALPHA test platform and an 11-slot OMEGA test platform. It is seamlessly compatible with optical performance test modules such as optical switches, optical attenuators, light sources, optical power meters, bit error meters, and insertion loss meters. Coupled with the optical fiber end-face detector and cleaning machine of Dimension Technology, one-stop testing and inspection of optical device performance and end-face quality can be quickly realized. It has significant advantages such as hot-swappable, programmable, strong scalability, easy maintenance and management, and low comprehensive costs. The performance indicators of some products have reached the world-leading level.


02/ Grand launch of single and multi-channel winding free IRL tester

Dimension Technology's single and multi-core IRL tester uses a high-stability light source and high-precision optical power meter to achieve winding-free return loss testing and high-speed insertion loss testing. The single-time single-wavelength loss detection time is less than 0.5s, and the minimum return loss detection of -75dB can be achieved. There are 6 test wavelengths for single-mode and multi-mode (multi-mode: 850nm, 1300nm, single-mode: 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nm). The optimized design of the integrating sphere can measure the loss of dense multi-channel MTP / MPO connectors, as well as You can measure losses on devices such as dual LC.


03/ Elaborate overall MPO end face inspection and cleaning solution

After years of independent research and development, Dimension Technology has carefully created a complete set of intelligent, fast, efficient and reliable MPO detection and cleaning solutions. Including: MPO end face 3D topography detection (MT Pro single multi-core integrated interferometer), MPO end-face quality inspection (SmartCheck intelligent integrated optical fiber end-face detector), MPO insertion return loss performance test (RLM multi-channel insertion loss / return loss tester ), MPO polarity detection (FPT programmable polarity detector) and MPO end face cleaning (Offsoon Mark MT fiber end-face cleaner).


04/ Serialized fiber end-face 3D inspection leads the development of the interferometer industry

Dimension Technology is the pioneer and leader in the field of 3D inspection of fiber end faces. It has formed a series of products, including MT Pro single multi-core integrated interferometer, FUTURE automatic fiber end 5D interferometer, SANA2, BINNA2 automatic fiber end interferometer, SANA MINI fiber end-face interferometer series products can meet different customer needs. Among them, the FUTURE 5D interferometer is the crystallization of many years of experience in the development and production of fiber optic testing equipment. FUTURE is an all-round automatic fiber end-face inspection equipment with automatic end-face determination, auto-focus, automatic calibration, automatic angle adjustment, and 3D automatic detection. It can complete the work including end-face analysis and surface topography measurement in 2s. The newly designed hardware structure provides unparalleled shock resistance and long fixture life. Future is the best solution for fiber connector end face inspection.


05/ Series, integration and intelligence of portable optical fiber end detector

Dimension Technology fully understands the needs of field technicians in fiber end-face inspection. At present, Dimension's portable end detectors have formed a series, integration and intelligence, including AutoGet Wifi intelligent fiber end-face detector, EasyGet Wifi wireless fiber end-face detector, EasyGet Wifi MT wireless fiber end-face detector and so on. AutoGet Wifi is the industry's first foldable full-featured handheld intelligent optical fiber end detector, providing a fully automated intelligent optical fiber end-face inspection solution that can perform automatic inspection of single-core, MPO and other multi-fiber connectors, Analysis and judgment are currently the most ideal solutions in this field and lead the industry to new heights.



EasyGet Wifi wireless fiber end-face detector provides a true wireless fiber end-face inspection solution. Real-time transmission of video, photos, storage, etc. with various intelligent terminal devices through Wifi. Field technicians can use their own mobile devices. Intuitively check the quality of the fiber end face, lightweight and portable, easy to use, self-powered, universal Type C charging interface and LED lighting, and humanized appearance design, which provides an unparalleled user experience, it is the most practical for field technicians Fiber end-face detector.

06/Industry's full range of fiber-optic end-face detectors to meet customer needs

Dimension Technology has the industry's most complete series of desktop optical fiber end-face detectors, which are widely used in the production lines of major global industry customers and more than 80% of China's industry customers. This series of products has mature technology, high cost performance and stable performance. Including SmartCheck intelligent optical fiber end face detector, FastCheck automatic optical fiber end face detector, AutoCheck intelligent integrated optical fiber end face detector, EasyCheck integrated optical fiber end face detector, FA-1 optical fiber display end face detector and other products.


Detection creates value, and professionalism creates classics. After 13+ years of technology precipitation and deep understanding of customer needs, Dimension Technology has been committed to providing world-class customers with first-class optical device testing and fiber end-face inspection solutions and equipment, and has provided customized services according to customers' individual needs Ability. In the uture, Dimension Technology will be wonderful with you!