Field Application


The field test of the optical cable construction is very important, it is to prepare for the general commissioning of the connected optical transceiver. The purpose of single-reel fiber optic cable testing is to detect the quality of the factory’s products and whether there is any damage after construction and deployment. The purpose is to ensure that the design meets the requirements of the total transmission attenuation and total baseband response. Maintenance and service life and the life of the line have an impact that cannot be underestimated. Even if the construction period is very tight, it cannot be carried out hastily. Instead, the relevant technical regulations must be implemented with a scientific attitude, a high sense of responsibility and correct inspection methods.

The construction procedures of optical cable lines are mainly divided into five stages: preparation, laying, connection, testing, and completion acceptance.


Dimension Solutions:

Portable and intelligent testing equipment can efficiently detect the dirt and defects of the fiber end face. The portable fiber end face detector provided by DIMENSION can detect the fiber end face clearly, quickly and accurately.


Main advantages

• High resolution

• Portable and smart

• Multiple detection interfaces are optional

• Customized service

Main application

• Optical fiber network construction and deployment

• Data center construction and deployment

• Highly reliable optical fiber connection

• 5G optical network construction and maintenance