5G Test


5G deployment and testing, how to simplify the on-site testing process, reduce deployment costs, and ensure high-quality delivery and hosting solutions are a major problem faced by service operators.

5G test challenges.

1). Network deployment needs to be forward compatible, support scalable and highly integrated network services

2). Strict infrastructure performance requirements: high speed, ultra-low latency, ultra-high capacity and reliability

3). The network equipment layout is dense, requiring wide coverage, low energy efficiency, and high investment costs

4). A large number of applications of new technologies and new equipment have led to low test efficiency, high cost, and increased uncertainty in measurement results

5). Training professional technicians and formulating test specifications


Dimension provide a series of portable end inspection and cleaning equipment that can be quickly applied to field deployment. Including AutoGet Wifi, the industry’s first foldable full-featured handheld smart optical fiber end-inspector, which provides a fully automated smart fiber end-face inspection solution that can fully automate single-core, MPO and other multi-fiber connectors. Analysis and judgment, with unparalleled reliability, efficiency and ease of use, providing unparalleled application experience, is currently the most ideal solution in this field.


Main advantage

At different stages of 5G development and different network levels, we can provide you with the following technical services and support:

• Fast and efficient, fiber-based network test service;

• Low comprehensive cost, automated and intelligent testing;

• Keep up with cutting-edge technology, fast and convenient

• Provide customized services you need


Main application

• Testing and cleaning of communication equipment and components

• 5G network operation and maintenance