R&D and innovation


R&D testing and solutions must be continuously expanded and updated to meet the rapid growth of equipment iterations and network services. How to use faster, automated, and low-cost testing solutions to meet the needs of product and service testing is one of the challenges faced by test developers.

High-traffic video, cloud services, data centers and other applications have put forward higher and higher requirements for network capacity. At the same time, they have also prompted communication equipment manufacturers to continuously strengthen their products. Therefore, faster, automated, and low-cost test solutions are needed to meet new demands.


Dimension universal optical test platform provides a complete set of multi-application optical test solutions for high-end laboratories and highly stringent manufacturing environments. Innovatively designed dual-slot ALPHA test platform and 11-slot OMEGA test platform, adopting the hardware architecture design of core board + backplane + functional test module slot, the core board and functional test module use standard USB protocol for communication, which can be seamless Compatible with the widest range of optical performance test modules in the industry, quickly realize one-stop automated testing of multiple performances of optical devices, communication equipment and other products.


Main advantage

Optical manufacturing automated testing can effectively improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. The multi-application programmable and expandable universal optical testing platform is the most ideal solution for building an optical manufacturing automated testing system.

• Good compatibility, supporting the needs of multiple testing application

• Low comprehensive cost, automation, intelligence, low development cost

• Keep up with cutting-edge technology, fast and convenient


Main application

• Communication equipment development and testing

• Verification and testing of communication components