On-site deployment


At present, network equipment manufacturers will face more and more challenges. The market competition is extremely fierce. In a complex and changeable environment, how to simplify the on-site testing process, reduce deployment costs, and ensure high-quality delivery and hosting solutions is what equipment manufacturers face A big problem.


Dimension can provide a series of portable end inspection and cleaning equipment that can be quickly applied to field deployment. Including AutoGet Wifi, the industry’s first foldable full-featured handheld smart optical fiber end-inspector, which provides a fully automated smart fiber end-face inspection solution that can fully automate single-core, MPO and other multi-fiber connectors. Analysis and judgment, with unparalleled reliability, efficiency and ease of use, providing unparalleled application experience, is currently the most ideal solution in this field.


 Main advantage

• Fully automatic, inspection in one step

• Quickly solve the fault

•  Reduce on-site deployment costs

• Keep up with user needs

Main application

• On-site deployment of communication equipment

• Operation and maintenance of communication equipment