FTTH: Fiber to the home (Fibre To The Home), which installs the optical network unit (ONU) at home or enterprise users. It is the optical access series closest to the user except FTTD (Fiber to the Desktop). Access network application type.


FTTH network planning is a necessary condition for successful FTTH deployment. Component testing, field welding and termination verification are still one of the most important factors for FTTH deployment. Improper splicing, contaminated connectors, or microbending of optical fibers may cause optical loss and degradation of service quality.FTTH testing is roughly divided into installation and construction, activation and maintenance, and fault diagnosis. Working wavelength (1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm) loss and optical power test is undoubtedly the test focus. An effective installation verification plan helps reduce risks.

After years of accumulation, Dimension Technology can provide online optical power, link loss measurement, fiber end face detection and clean one-stop detection and test solutions for FTTH line link test and measurement, and can provide customization according to customers' individual needs service.

Main advantage

• Platform + module design, multi-application and scalable

• Trigger pulse optical power test, optional wavelength;

• The optical power meter supports online mode, and the uplink optical power is measured at the same time when the link is connected;

Main application

FTTH network is being deployed, tested and maintained:

• FTTH link optical power test

• FTTH link optical loss test

• FTTH link fiber end face testing and cleaning