Enterprise Network and Data Center-OTDR


Servers, network virtualization, and integrated corporate networks are driving high-density and high-speed data centers. The amount of fiber consumed for high-speed data transmission between servers, storage, and network equipment is increasing as never before, and currently available diagnostic tools cannot Maintain efficient use of fiber optic networks. In order to ensure the reliability of optical fiber in data centers, network practitioners need more accurate and faster methods to assess the integrity of the infrastructure, thereby deepening the new generation of optical time domain reflectometers (OTDR) with corporate fiber identification and certification capabilities. Demand.


Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) uses the principle of optical reflection measurement to combine a laser and a detector. Through the analysis of the measurement curve, it can be used to measure fiber attenuation, connector loss, fiber fault location, and to understand fiber loss along the length Features such as distribution are essential tools in the construction, maintenance and monitoring of optical cables.

OTDR is the single test equipment required to provide the most accurate and complete end-to-end link verification. Unlike simple light source and power meter test methods, OTDR can identify and locate any potential faults, macro bends, or interruptions that may affect network performance.

Dimension has developed an Optical Time Domain Refractometer (OTDR) in response to the requirements of enterprise networks and data centers for a new generation of OTDR. It has automatic test procedures and intelligent result analysis, intuitive result display, easy operation, and can meet high-density and high-speed The testing requirements of the data center.

Main advantage

• Accurate and reliable

• Simple operation and easy to use

• Strong and durable

• Keep up with cutting-edge technology

 Main application

• Optical fiber network test in enterprise data center

• Fault detection and maintenance of optical fiber link