Project Site


In the construction and daily maintenance of the enterprise network data center, the field test of optical cables and connectors is particularly important, which can ensure that the design meets the requirements of the total transmission attenuation and total baseband response, and is useful for ensuring future communication quality, engineering economic benefits, and maintenance. And the line life, both have an impact that cannot be underestimated, and should not be carried out hastily. The relevant technical regulations must be implemented with a scientific attitude, high sense of responsibility and correct inspection methods.

For the construction and daily maintenance of enterprise networks and data centers, Dimension Technology can provide portable and intelligent fiber end-face inspection equipment and inspection equipment such as OTDR, handheld optical power meter, red light pen, etc., which can efficiently detect the dirt and defects of the fiber end face As well as damages, macro bends, and potential failures, clear, fast and accurate detection of the project site.

Main advantage

• High reliability and accuracy

• Portable and smart

• A variety of detection interfaces are optional

Main application

• Construction and maintenance of enterprise network and data center

• Laboratory and manufacturing testing

• Highly reliable optical fiber connection

• 5G optical network construction and maintenance