Data Center


As the development of "Industry 4.0" heats up, the process of enterprise informatization and intelligence is accelerating, and the data analysis applications of large enterprises urgently need their own data centers. With the continuous establishment of ultra-large-scale data centers, the construction cycle of data centers is increasing. Shortening, each link is facing increasing challenges. System testing and maintenance have become the key to identifying problems that may deteriorate the operational status of the data center. Therefore, the value of testing and maintenance will only increase over time. 


Cloud-based hyperscale data center interconnection (DCI), as a key element of the entire network topology, has become more and more important. How to reduce the test time, optimize the fiber network, reduce the delay and ensure the reliability of 100% support for SLA has become our key problem.

Dimension's products include: Universal optical test platform with versatile modules like Stable light source, Optical switch, Optical attenuator, Optical power meter, Return loss meter, BER tester and other optical testing modules, and Fiber endface interferometer, Desktop fiber endface inspector, Portable fiber endface microscope, Fiber endface cleaning machine, Fiber polarity tester, Core tuner S fiber connector tester, etc. Which can be used in Optical communication manufacturers, as well as Optical fiber sensing, Optical network engineering, Scientific research institutes, Power, Security, Medical, Education and other fields. Dimension can also provide customized services according to the special needs of customers.

Main advantage

• Platform + module design, multi-application and scalable,reducing test time

• Modular, desktop, handheld equipment

• Low comprehensive cost, automatic detection

Main application

• Data center construction, operation and maintenance

• Data center interconnection, service guarantee

• Optical network performance test

• Connector test