Fiber inspection


As the development of "Industry 4.0" heats up and the process of enterprise informatization and intelligence is accelerating, the data analysis and application of large enterprises urgently need their own data centers. With the continuous establishment of large-scale enterprise data centers, the construction cycle of data centers is Each link is increasingly shortened, and each link is facing greater and greater challenges. High-speed transmission requires data stability, low bit error rate, and overall improvement in quality requirements. In laying and maintenance, the success of optical fiber connection depends on the physical connection of optical fiber. Quality. This physical connection is a function of the geometrical size of the connector's own end face. If this geometrical size is not strictly controlled, a long-term and reliable connection of the network cannot be achieved. The dirt or damage of the end face of the optical fiber connector will directly cause the attenuation of the optical signal or even The optical path is blocked, so fiber inspection is critical.

Founded in Shenzhen in 2007, Dimension has developed into a global leading optical testing solutions provider with the spirit of "imaging, acting, innovating and leading", providing first-class optical device testing and fiber endface inspection solutions and equipments. The industry-leading fiber end-face interferometer realizes the detection of the surface topography of the fiber through the principle of optical coherence, and obtains 3D information on the surface by calculating the height of the light and dark fringes on the surface of the fiber. The end-inspector uses high-definition and high-resolution components, which can clearly detect The fiber end face is dirty and defective, and the degree of end face contamination is strictly controlled through digitization.

Dimension can provide a variety of optical fiber end-face detection equipment, BER testers, optical power meters and other types of optical detection equipment to ensure the data stability and quality requirements of the enterprise data center.


Main advantage

• Fully automatic analysis and testing

• Convenient and high reliability

• Flexible choice of multiple schemes

Main application

• Optical fiber inspection of enterprise network data center

• Laboratory and manufacturing testing

• Highly reliable optical fiber connection

• 5G optical network construction and maintenance