Fiber Bragg Grating Sensing and Monitoring System


Traditional sensors are mainly electrical sensors, and electrical signals are the carrier of changes in external parameters. Various technical and application bottlenecks have gradually appeared. Fiber grating sensing systems are resistant to electromagnetic interference, intrinsically safe, small in size and light in weight. It can be reused on a large scale and has the incomparable advantages of electrical sensors. It is very suitable for long-term monitoring in harsh environments such as flammable, explosive, strong electric and magnetic, and unattended: temperature, strain, pressure, displacement, vibration, acceleration,etc. 


Founded in Shenzhen in 2007, Dimension has developed into a global leading optical testing solutions provider with the spirit of "imaging, acting, innovating and leading", providing first-class optical device testing and fiber endface inspection solutions and equipments.


Dimension's products include: Universal optical test platform with versatile modules like Stable light source, Optical switch, Optical attenuator, Optical power meter, Return loss meter, BER tester and other optical testing modules, and Fiber endface interferometer, Desktop fiber endface inspector, Portable fiber endface microscope, Fiber endface cleaning machine, Fiber polarity tester, Core tuner S fiber connector tester, etc. Which can be used in Optical communication manufacturers, as well as Optical fiber sensing, Optical network engineering, Scientific research institutes, Power, Security, Medical, Education and other fields. Dimension can also provide customized services according to the special needs of customers.

2.Main advantage

• Intrinsic safety: The optical fiber sensor itself is made of glass, which is anti-electromagnetic interference, safe, explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant, and has good chemical stability

• Large-scale networking: Based on the optical wavelength division multiplexing technology, multiple fiber grating sensors can be connected in series on a fiber to measure different physical quantities (such as temperature, strain, displacement, pressure and other physical quantities), and share one signal Demodulation equipment to form a large-scale sensor monitoring network;

• Small size, light weight, long transmission distance up to 60KM or more; 

• Long life, the sensor design life can reach 8-20 years, suitable for long-term health monitoring of bridges, tunnels and large buildings;

• Professional optical fiber sensing team can provide flexible and innovative customized solutions according to customer requirements.

3. Main application

• Power industry: temperature monitoring of power cables, cable tunnels, power plants, and substations, detection of fault points and fire alarms;

•  Water conservancy and civil engineering industry: long-term structural health and safety monitoring of dams, tunnels, and bridges, and geological disaster monitoring;

• The highway and subway tunnel industry: fire monitoring and alarming of tunnels, subways and highways, tunnel deformation, settlement early warning and fault location, rail strain monitoring and fault location;

• Military industry: structural health monitoring of spacecraft and aircraft, fiber optic gyro rings, hydrophones, etc.;

• Smart city and Internet of Things:

• Oil and natural gas industry: oil and natural gas pipeline or storage tank leakage and pipeline deformation, temperature monitoring, and fault location location.