Distributed optical fiber sensor monitoring system


In the distributed optical fiber sensing system, the optical fiber is not only the sensing element, but also the transmission medium. The advanced OTDR technology is adopted to detect the changes of the spatial temperature and strain along the entire optical cable in real time and online, which is convenient for networking and online monitoring. , Early warning, fault diagnosis system, complete the whole life cycle assessment management of the measured object.

The structure of the distributed optical fiber sensing system is as follows::

•  Temperature/strain optical cable: real-time measurement of changes in points along the periphery of the optical cable every 1m;

•  Temperature measurement host: demodulate, analyze, store, and upload the sensing optical signal to the upper system;

• Monitoring software: real-time display of measurement results, alarms, positioning and other functions.

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Main advantage

• All-optical type: No need for power supply on site, no metal, intrinsically explosion-proof, lightning-proof, and not affected by electromagnetic interference;

• Distributed: It can provide continuous dynamic detection signal, real-time measurement of the changes of each point of the measured object every 1 meter;

• High measurement accuracy: The temperature measurement accuracy is 0.5℃, the temperature measurement resolution is 0.1℃, and the positioning accuracy is ≤1M;

• Fast speed: the temperature collection and transmission of up to tens of thousands of monitoring points can be completed within tens of milliseconds

• High security level: does not reduce the security level of the monitored equipment, the sensor and the transmission fiber are insulated, high voltage resistance, anti-creeping, and flame retardant;

• Applicable to various environments: can be used in harsh environments such as high temperature, high humidity and chemical corrosion for a long time

• No drift: absolute measurement, light source attenuation and line loss do not affect measurement accuracy;

• Long-distance transmission: The distance can be up to several kilometers to tens of kilometers, easy to network, and fast installation.

Main application

• Tunnel fire detection system

• Cable fire detection system

• Fire detection system for storage tanks and oil and gas pipelines

• Perimeter security