Test and measurement equipment


In response to the test and measurement requirements in scientific research, Dimension can provide a series of portable, modular and desktop optical performance test instruments.

Dimension's innovative general-purpose optical test platform provides a complete set of multi-application optical test solutions for high-end laboratories and highly stringent manufacturing environments. Innovatively designed dual-slot ALPHA test platform and 11-slot OMEGA test platform, adopting the hardware architecture design of core board + backplane + functional test module slot, the core board and functional test module use standard USB protocol for communication, which can be seamless Compatible with the widest range of optical performance test modules in the industry, and quickly realize a one-stop test platform for optical performance.


Dimension's products include: Universal optical test platform with versatile modules like Stable light source, Optical switch, Optical attenuator, Optical power meter, Return loss meter, BER tester and other optical testing modules, and Fiber endface interferometer, Desktop fiber endface inspector, Portable fiber endface microscope, Fiber endface cleaning machine, Fiber polarity tester, Core tuner S fiber connector tester, etc. Which can be used in Optical communication manufacturers, as well as Optical fiber sensing, Optical network engineering, Scientific research institutes, Power, Security, Medical, Education and other fields. Dimension can also provide customized services according to the special needs of customers.

Main advantage

• Platform + module design, multi-application and scalable,reducing test time

• Modular, desktop, handheld equipment

• Low comprehensive cost, automatic detection

Main application

• Fiber optic sensing

• Lidar

• Laser spectroscopy

• Coherent communication

• Interference measurement and measurement

• Optical device testing

• Other scientific research